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EPCON CostPlus is an interactive engineering program for the evaluation of cost estimates for chemical process equipment. It is based on extensive modeling and detailed design specifications using vendor data. EPCON CostPlus serves both conceptual and detailed estimating as it follows the vendors line of questioning to arrive at a selection or design of a particular piece of equipment, leading to a quotation quality cost estimate. EPCON CostPlus has the capability to compute cost estimates for 30 different classes of equipment, including considerable variety within each type of equipment class. Once total equipment costs are determined, bulk costs for piping, electrical, civil, etc. can be factored using the Project Management section to determine the total project cost. Additionally, EPCON CostPlus can be used to quantitatively evaluate the cost of design alternatives to optimize process designs.

EPCON CostPlus is designed so that the cost data can be used for both preliminary and engineering grade estimates. Required input is kept to a minimum. More detailed information can be entered, as it becomes available. By dividing process equipment into two groups – catalog and fabricated items, the costing procedure is tailored to that of the vendor and fabricator. Catalog item prices are obtained directly from the vendors. Fabricated equipment is designed according to U.S. codes to determine the exact metal requirements for pricing of 250 metals from mill schedules to simulate the fabrication process. Each step of fabrication is calculated in hours multiplied by an hourly rate. Extras (stress relief, X-ray, painting, etc.) are added to the shop cost along with the overhead and profit to arrive at the total price. The total equipment cost determined using EPCON CostPlus is directly transferred to the Project Management module to determine the total project cost.

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