The GPA Data Bank™

GPA Data Bank

The GPA Data Bank™, 5th Edition delivers over 40 years of GPA research data for immediate productive use in process simulation tools. Included is a completely re-mastered physical property database with all GPA Research Reports and Technical Publications and powerful data fitting, correlation, and phase equilibrium software applications. The GPA Data Bank is now over twice the size of previous versions and includes a significant amount of new VLE data for low-boiling hydrocarbons never before available in previous versions of the GPA Data Bank. The GPA Data Bank, 5th Edition was jointly development by EPCON International (developer of the popular API Technical Data Book and Engineer’s Aide software) and DDBST (developer of the popular Dortmund Data Bank and co-founder of the UNIFAC consortium). The result is a software that can be widely used by engineers within your organization with direct links to major process simulators to immediately improve your company’s gas processing operations.

GPA Data Bank Explorer

The GPA Data Bank Explorer provides electronic access and searching capabilities for 200 GPA Research Reports and 30 GPA Technical Publications. The 12 software programs are loaded from a convenient Outlook style navigation pane with two categories of software to choose from. The GPA Data Bank Explorer provides GPA research work in a convenient, intuitive software interface developed over 12 years in the API Technical Data Book software product.

Rigorous 3-Phase Flash

Utilize the advanced 3-phase flash engine provided in the GPA Data Bank to accurately determine the 3rd liquid phase vital for compressor operations and pipeline transportation applications. Developed in cooperation with the API Technical Data Committee - the 3-phase flash outperforms major simulators in 5 key areas for hydrocarbon process system design and operations.

Mixture Properties

The GPA Data Bank with the stored pure component properties and the comprehensive GPA VLE, LLE, and VLLE mixture data is the ideal tool for fitting reliable model parameters. Fit GPA data to gE-models or equations of state, for the development of group contribution methods and for fitting the required interaction parameters for process simulation. It is especially helpful for the critical examination of model parameters prior to process simulation. For the development of reliable group contribution methods with a broad range of applicability nearly all available information covering a large temperature and the whole concentration range for a variety of compounds very different in size can be used.

Thermophysical Property Estimation

The ARTIST software provides estimation of pure component properties using the molecular structure. It incorporates a large number of different group contribution methods for a multitude of different properties. Using a special coding scheme for molecular structures, ARTIST is able to take into account the chemical neighborhood of the individual groups thus implementing chemical know-how. To ensure the correctness of the algorithm, the program has already been tested for years during the development of the well known UNIFAC and mod. UNIFAC methods. ARTIST utilizes a user-friendly Windows graphical user interface. Results can be copied to the clipboard or automatically sent to Microsoft Excel™ for further processing.

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