EPCON Property Estimation Software

Property Estimation Software

EPCON Property Estimation™ software application is currently available in the API Technical Data Book™, which also provides you with the latest updates and information regarding API Research, Standards, and Methods.

EPCON Property Estimation™ Software, powered by the DDB Artist Property Estimation™ software, is a tool for editing molecular structures and estimating thermo physical and transport properties from molecular structure directly. Artist™ contains a structure data bank from the Dortmund Data Bank™ and provides coverage for DIPPR® components in this limited version providing only the Benson and Ambrose methods developed for the API Technical Data Book™ by the DDBST GmbH™, Oldenburg, Germany. The core algorithm of Artist™ is an automatic fragmentation which allows implementation of a wide range of group contribution methods in a quick and reliable manner. A list of the properties and methods is appended to this document. The list of methods comprise mainly group contribution methods – because of the underlying fragmentation algorithm – but also some corresponding states methods (equation of states etc.). Artist™ can additionally be used as retrieval program for components. The Dortmund Data Bank™ uses a component number index and this number has to be found either by name, formula, CAS registry number and several other techniques. Artist™ adds the ability to determine the DDB number from the drawn structure.

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